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Greyhound Bus Ticket Prices

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  • Greyhound Lines, Inc., based in Dallas, Texas, is an intercity common carrier of passengers by bus serving over 3,700 destinations in the United States, Canada and Mexico, operating under the well-known logo of a leaping greyhound.
  • A vehicle for transporting racing dogs to all their various events

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  • (ticket price (ticket)) A product’s retail price.
  • DUE TO THE EFFORTS AND COSTS INVOLVED, ALL SEATS ARE SOLD AT ABOVE FACE VALUE.  Prices quoted include a service charge over the face value.  The service charge varies with each ticket and depends on seat quality, supply and demand, and our cost of acquiring premium tickets.

greyhound bus ticket prices

Greyhound Bus Museum

Greyhound Bus Museum
GREYHOUND BUS MUSEUM (Hibbing, Minnesota) – GM PD 4106 (left), MCI Courier 96D (centre), ACF Brill (right)

GM PD 4106 – "This bus was donated to the museum by David Priggle of Discovery Coaches in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Some of the buses in the Greyhound fleet were used in their tour business. Some of the seats were reversed & table installed so people could play cards or socialize. They also had restrooms, sinks, & coolers. Museum volunteers sanded & repainted the bus to Greyhound colors & design."

MCI COURIER 96D – " This bus was donated to the museum by Brent Huber of Daunia, Colorado in October, 2003. It was originally used by Greyhound on their Canadian operations. Routes it was used on are unknown. It was sold to a person in Canada that converted it to a motorhome. After many years of use, it was put in storage for over 5 years. He sold it to Brent Hauger who used it to travel throughout the United States & Canada. He then donated it to the museum on November, 2003. It was in very poor shape when the museum received it. The inside had to be gutted. The floor & all side panels had to be replaced & seats reinstalled. The outside skin had to be worked on in preparation for painting. The motor & transmission had to be worked on to get it in running condition. It was one of the most challenging restorations attempted by the museum volunteers and some work still needs to be done. It was put on exhibit in May, 2004. NOTE: This model Courier was not in the Greyhound USA fleet, but Canadian Greyhound had them in their fleet operation."

ACF Brill IC-41 –

no escape from the snow and ice

no escape from the snow and ice
Saluki from Champaign, IL to Chicago. This didn’t turn out great, but I felt self-conscious standing around waiting to get more shots…I’m just curious how the inside of this Amtrak car got like that! Everything was fine where we were seated (except for when a woman smoked in the bathroom…arrgghh). Taken at Union Station. I had a totally unexpected Amtrak ride Wed. when I couldn’t use my Greyhound ticket home because they’d stopped GH due to weather. (I got there on Megabus and had no idea…fortunately this train was the same price as a bus ticket.)